To Our Valued Patients:

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Some of the most memorable times in life are when we say goodbye to what we know and start something new – a graduation, a wedding, relocating to a new place. So it’s with mixed feelings that we are saying goodbye to Dr. DuVall.

The DuVall family is relocating to Chattanooga, Tennessee, where Dr. DuVall is beginning his own practice. We’re really thrilled for Dr. DuVall’s next chapter, progression in his career, and the great opportunity that this move is for his family. But we’re also sad to see a great associate and good friend move away.We’re incredibly grateful for the time that Dr. DuVall spent at Ramsey Dental Group. To you – our patients, friends and family – we are committed to continue providing the highest quality dental care for our community. Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Gilmore will begin seeing Dr. DuVall’s patients starting on September 10.

Over the next few days if you see Dr. DuVall, please join us in celebrating the next chapter in the DuVall Family’s life and congratulating him on the future.

With Gratitude,
– Lady-Jean Ramsey, DMD, FAGD

Dear Patients,

It has been such a great experience to work at Ramsey Dental Group over the past 5 years; and it has been a privilege to help in providing your dental health care needs.

There is no doubt that, as my family and I make this transition to practice ownership and moving across the country, I will miss you all. It has been very rewarding to watch as many of you have gone through life changes and milestones, as well as see little ones grow up and mature. The preparation for this move has really highlighted to my family all the great things we have had here in Oregon.

If you have never met Dr. Ramsey or Dr. Gilmore, rest assured you are in good hands. They are both very skilled and compassionate dentists, have years of experience, and will take great care of you.

Thank you,
Michael DuVall, DDS